Terms and Conditions

We offer a 60 day guarantee on our fixes. This is to cover any hardware that we fit that may go faulty in that time. Although we test everything thoroughly before it leaves the shop, if anything does occur, we are happy to change anything that goes faulty through no fault of the customer.

This does not cover damage caused by the customer. This also does not cover any other parts which may be faulty during fixing through no fault of our own. Sometimes other parts can go after a shock so we cannot be held responsible for this.

Any devices left with us must be picked up within a month after fixing. We retain the right to sell your device to cover our costs. We are flexible so please respond to us if you have any issues with picking it up.

Furthermore, if there are any outstanding payments for whatever reason, including money owed by any other organisation, this will incur a 10% charge for every month unpaid.

In serious cases, we will require the help from a collection agency which the customer or company will also be liable for their charges. Any further legal fees or anything other charges regarding the non-payment of fees will also be liable by the customer.