Additional Phone services

Network unlocks

We can unlock your phone from any network to use any Sim card. The cost and time taken depends on your device and which network it is locked to.


Forgotten pin codes, icloud, google passwords – £20

We will guide you through finding your passwords for any of your accounts and get you back into your important internet, email, icloud, or google accounts.


Phone reset £20

There are various reasons why a phone needs factory resetting and sometimes the phone can get stuck when you try to do it yourself. We can get out of the freeze loop or update your firmware as well as keeping all of your data safe.


Water damage £30

If you have dropped your phone in water, get it to us as soon as possible. Ignore the old wives tales like putting it in a rice bag – it doesn’t work. The water needs cleaning out as soon as possible before it does damage to the logic board. The sooner you get it to us, the better chance of getting it working again and stopping future problems.